Hypno-what?????? Hypnodontics is the application of hypnosis for relaxation, anxiety, dental phobias, bruxism (teeth grinding), dental compliance (working with your dentist), gag reflex reduction, reduction of bleeding and swelling, more rapid, comfortable healing, adjustment to oral appliances (braces etc) and reduced need for chemical anaesthetic during procedures.

Hypnosis has been used for over 100 years in medicine and dentistry - there are a number of excellent scientific studies dating back to the 1960's where Dave Elman (a famous hypnotherapist) used Hypnosis very successfully to completely anaesthetise patients.

In Dentists now it is used to remove Dental Phobias, and to create a better relationship between Dentist and Patient - where the patient feels more relaxed and compliant to what work needs to be carried out.

More than 6000 Dentists have used Hypnodontics successfully.If you would like more information about how Hypnodontics can help your practice to grow - please contact me directly.