5 key ways to change your life

It’s amazing how dramatically your life can change when you stop accepting shit you hate

Steve Maraboli


It is very easy to get caught up in the humdrum of life. And to get bogged down by a bad mood, or your car needing a whole load of work you hadn’t bargained on. Or the job you thought was going to be great turning out to be not so great after all. Sometimes our minds get so hung up on the pessimistic side of life we forget about how lucky we really are.

We also tend to blame others for our situation in life. We are victims of circumstance – if only that car hadn’t hit mine, if only I hadn’t got made redundant; if only my partner hadn’t left me. So we think that our lives are out of our control. But the reality is that you are ALWAYS in control of your life. You ALWAYS have a CHOICE about how you react to something. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.

Equally you cannot change other people. It is simply not possible unless they WANT to change. Say you want your partner to stop smoking so you ask them to. If they don’t want to quit, no matter how much you tell them to, they won’t do it. Just look back at yourself and ask ‘would I do something that I really didn’t want to do?’

So it’s about taking responsibility for your own life. If something happens outside of your control – look at what you CAN control. You’ve been made redundant and lost your job. Ok – is this an opportunity to learn a new skill, or change careers and do something completely different?

One of the fastest ways to change your life is to change your outlook from pessimistic to optimistic and become aware of all the things you have in your life to be grateful for. From a roof over your head, to electricity to heat your house to food and clothes that sustain you and keep you warm.

But if you want to go one step further then by changing these 5 things you will create a material difference in your life – I guarantee it.

NLP tells us that ‘if we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we’ve always got’. Are you ready to change your life for the better?

1. Educate your mind – 
Learn something new!

Take up a new hobby or activity which stimulates your brain cells. If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, or to play the Guitar, or to knit/cook/drive – now is the perfect time to do it. Expanding your knowledge will expose you to new experiences, learning and people. You may also find in learning new things your view of the world will change, thereby changing your internal perceptions. By enriching your your life in learning new skills you test out imagined goals and make them real. Once you have achieved what you set out to you will want more – and setting and achieving goals is a fundamental part of improving your life.

2. Strengthen your body

A fit, strong body is important for so many reasons. Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good, and having a healthy, fit body and mind will help to ensure you live a long life and be more likely to be able to fight off any nasty infections or viruses more quickly. It will also help your body to work as efficiently as it can, dealing more easily with the stresses and strains our lives naturally put on them.

3. Find a mentor or role model

Remember that teacher in school who managed to inspire you and motivate you to do well? Find another. Speaking to and learning from someone you respect is vital if you want to be the best you can be. Whether they are great in their field of work, or you admire them personally – ask them to teach you how they do what they do. Learn from the best and you will become the best too!

4. Believe in a cause or something far greater than you

You don’t have to be religious and believe in a God for this. But you do need to understand and appreciate that we are very small cogs in a far greater world. It is a scientific fact we are all Energy. Think of an ECG or EEG which record the Electrical pulses in our bodies. And that Energy vibrates at a certain frequency. So WE vibrate at frequency. What determines that frequency is what we are thinking and feeling.

Whether you believe in a God, Buddha or other religious deity or not, we are part of the Universe and belief in that will help you come to terms with the reality of the world we live in.

5. Recognise there are many people in the world far worse off than you

Be grateful. Seriously. 99% of the problems you THINK you have are not REAL problems or worries at all. And actually, when you stop and consider the very real problems that people in other, less-fortunate situations experience on a daily basis – from famine to war it makes you realise that actually your boss tearing a strip off you is not the end of life as you know it.

The old saying 5 in 5 is appropriate here – if it won’t matter in 5 years then don’t waste any more than 5 minutes worrying about it.

And finally.

Remember, you cannot change other people – but you CAN change yourself and how you respond to others.

PS Are you really doing something you love? Or are you just doing what is expected of you?

Are you holding onto a desire to start a business that you are passionate about and leave that 9-5 once and for all yet are too scared to take that first step?

It’s so easy to coast along in our safe, corporate job, telling ourselves that ‘someday’ we will start the business of our dreams.

But we all know that ‘someday’ never arrives.

So how about making someday today?

Rather than living your life praying for the weekend why not make Mondays something you get excited for?

  • The key to feeling free is to answer your call
  • What is your call?
  • Your call to say “yes” to your intuition, to step into your power and serve the world.

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